Have you considered the build times?

The Joy-Con controller can be lost or stolen by the Switch. Click on the grey Controllers button at the home screen and then click on Find Controllers. You can now make any Joy-Con or controller pair vibrate at will. Grab the Switch, tip toe around and press vibrate on and off until that sucker appears.

Although the Switch does have an online service, it is still difficult to play with your friends. Each game is different so you’ll need to talk to your friend over text or real-life to get their friend code. Click on the Mii picture at the top of the screen and then click Add Friend. Tap Search with Friend how to port a game to switch code and enter their numbers. You can also view your friend code in lower right if necessary. Once you have established friendship, ensure you both own the game. Then, enter it to start an online battle or room with your friends, and invite them. To play online multiplayer or save games to the cloud, you will need a Nintendo Online subscription.

Once you have become Friends with someone (see the above), you can use the Switch Online mobile app to voice chat with them. Fortnite and other games support on-console chat. However, you will need to download the Switch Online app for your Android or iPhone. It will be required for all players to have it open before you start a play session. Then you can use your phones to chat with each other. It’s not the easiest system.

The Best Gaming Headsets and Best Wireless Gaming Headsets guides offer recommendations for Switch-compatible headphones. The Switch now supports Bluetooth audio after a long wait. You can now listen to your favorite games without a wire hanging from your ears by going to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > Pair Device. To find the right wireless headset for you, check out our guide to wireless headphones.

Joy-Cons live up their names. When I found out that I could pair my Joy-Con/Pro Controller with an Android smartphone, I couldn’t resist smiling. It works on Macs and PCs too. However, you will need JoyToKey to correctly map the buttons on Windows. They connect because they use Bluetooth. Hold down the sync button at the top of the controllers and the lights will flash to let you know that they are in pairing mode. You can find them in your Bluetooth menu on your computer or phone and they will be there.

You can remap any button on your Switch if you find certain buttons difficult to use or you want to improve the layout. Go to System Settings > Controllers & Sensors > Change Button Mapping. You can switch any button to another from here. You can swap ZL and ZR or use one trigger as a jump-button, so you have options. There are options to swap left and right control sticks or alter their default orientation.

Although the Switch OLED has a slightly longer battery life than the original Switch, it will still last as long as the original Switch. However, neither screen will be so efficient that you’ll need to replace the battery every now and again. While playing a game, hold down on the Home button to see the battery level and adjust other settings such as brightness and volume. The menu will appear after a second. The Switch can also display the remaining battery percentage in the upper left of the home screen. Simply hold ZL and ZR together or toggle it on permanently under Settings > System > Console Batterie