Delete Google reviews? Why should I care?

If you don’t remove a negative review from Google Play Store, it can have serious consequences for your brand and app. Bad reviews that are left on the Google Play Store can have several negative consequences, including a drop in app downloads, negative press, lower profits, potential customer loss, etc. Don’t be alarmed if your business received some bad reviews. Every business will receive negative reviews at one point or another, regardless of whether they are from a competitor, disgruntled clients, former employees who want revenge, anonymous internet trolls, or a disgruntled customer.

You must understand how to deal with bad reviews and take steps to remove them as soon as possible. In this blog post, we’ll show you the most effective ways to remove bad reviews from Google Play Store. This will prevent them from damaging your brand. You can flag fake comments that violate the Comment Posting Policy. The Play Store will delete the review if they find that the flagged comment how to remove bad reviews on google does not comply with their policy.

Statusbrew is an online reputation management tool that allows you to manage reviews on Google Play Store and App Store as well as Google My Business from one dashboard. You can avoid common mistakes that businesses make when managing reviews. Even your entire team can be involved to ensure that you don’t miss a review.

The Google Play Store immediately removes bad reviews using this method. Customers expect a response from a business within 7 days after posting a critical or negative review. As a rule of thumb, it is best to respond to negative reviews between 24 and 48 hours after they are posted. Most people post a complaint to the Play Store for their voices to be heard. Sometimes, all it takes is to let the individual know their complaint was heard and that the issue is being resolved.

Also, it’s important to provide solutions. Are they looking for an apology, or are they seeking a refund instead? By asking the customer for their opinion, you can resolve the issue peacefully. By resolving an issue, or at least changing the rating, you can increase the chances of the customer taking down their review.

Google Play Store lets app developers report fake reviews or those that violate the Terms of Service. From your developer console, you can flag a review. Google will then review the review and, if it finds that it violates its comment posting policies, it’ll remove it. Check your review page again to confirm that the appeal has been accepted.

The review is now sent to a Google expert to see if it broke the comment policy of the company. The review is removed if the policy was violated. If not, it will be left. You cannot justify the fake review during the reporting process.

The reviews made for the newer versions of apps are considered more valuable than older versions. Soon, you will see that older reviews are gradually being replaced by newer ones. You can remove the negative reviews by removing the issues that caused them in an earlier version of the app.

The world knows that the Google Play Store has genuine negative reviews. You can’t pass an honest review off as fake. You can at least manage the reviews, and try to convert negative ones into positive ones. Negative reviews cannot be denied. While dealing with these customers can be intimidating, you have the best chance of managing their reviews.