How to Resolve a Plumbing Emergency

There is nothing pleasant about a plumbing emergency happening at your home or business.

Whether you experience a burst pipe, clogged toilet, or a sink that does not properly drain, you may not be sure how to respond to the issue. Below is a guide that explains how to resolve the most common plumbing emergencies you may experience.

Clogged Toilets

The best way to resolve a clogged toilet is to have a plunger Indoor Plumbing in Victorian America on hand. While you can always get in touch with an emergency plumber in Frankston, it’s usually best to call them as a last resort after trying a plunger.

Use the plunger with strong force several times and you might be able to create enough friction to break up the clog that was causing the toilet to build up water instead of flushing as normal.

Sink or Tub Won’t Drain

When your sink or tub refuses to drain at the normal speed, you may have a problem with material building up inside the drain. That can be resolved by hiring a plumbing service for residential & commercial properties, as they can do a deep dive into that drain and fish out any items causing a blockage.

If you want a quick fix, you can take apart a clothes hanger and use one of the ends as a tool to retrieve as many loose hairs or objects as possible. While such a trick is not a long term solution, it will help the drain flow for now.

Bathroom Full of Water

One of the most unpleasant plumbing experiences that you can have is to get home and realise that your entire bathroom is full of water. You may not even be sure how the water got to such extreme levels, but you have to do something about it right away.

Calling an emergency plumber is the only way out of this mess. Explain to them over the phone what is happening, and ask them if there is anything you can do until the plumber arrives.

Try to enact the stop gap measures they tell you about. Then you can let the plumber do his work and resolve the issue.

Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

A clogged toilet is a messy experience, but an equally frustrating problem is when your toilet does not flush properly. Perhaps you pull on the lever, and you hear some water moving, but the force is not enough to flush the toilet as it normally would.

If you know there is no clog, then your issue may lie with the fill valve. This contraption is very inexpensive, but does require some expertise to install. Rather than trying to work out the installation on your own, you should call a plumbing service for residential & commercial properties instead.

Hiring Plumbers Saves Time

Knowing some quick fixes for common plumbing issues is helpful. If you are ever experiencing such a problem, you can try to resolve the matter yourself.

Hiring a professional plumber is often the best way forward, as they can do the same job quicker and to a much better extent.